CS:GO Pre Season Kicks Into Full Swing

So, it seems the CS:GO pre season has kicked into full swing with several matches being announced as teams start to work on their game strategies and how they could fare throughout 2021. With that in mind, there are a few games being lined up that can offer us some potential insight into what the future holds.

Bren vs Invictus Gaming – CS:GO Funspark Rivals Pre Season

This match between Bren and Invictus Gaming is one of those games that could go either way. Looking at their most recent form over the last five matches, we see Bren has won four and lost one while Invictus Gaming has had more of a mixture with a couple of cancellations, two losses, and a win.

However, that doesn’t tell the full picture as Invictus Gaming has been busier than Bren, and the one loss incurred by Bren was actually at the hands of Invictus Gaming. That match, which took place a couple of months ago, saw a 2:0 victory for Invictus Gaming in what was a dominant game. Whether they can continue that form in this game is something we need to wait to see, and with little knowledge of either roster, and any changes made to it, then selecting a favorite is tough.

Previous Matches Between the Teams

The last four games between the two teams has resulted in two wins each, so that does make it harder to predict what could happen. So, their win rate percentage becomes all the more important, and when we look at that stat we see that Invictus Gaming has the upper hand.

The interesting point regarding previous matches is that Invictus Gaming always wins 2:0 while Bren always wins 2:1. In short, if Bren gets off to a good start, then the in-game odds are going to quickly switch in their favor as it does appear as if Invictus Gaming has to shut out Bren to then win. They just don’t do close victories against them.

The Current Odds

In total, Invictus Gaming has a win rate over the last 110 games of 63.2% while Bren has a win rate of 53.3% from just under 100 games. That is quite a big difference, and experience can count for a lot in this arena.

But here’s the thing, the odds aren’t going in that direction. Instead, Bren are currently sitting around +2.41 while Invictus Gaming is slightly behind at +1.51. That isn’t exactly a huge difference, but those odds would have probably changed if Invictus Gaming hadn’t had to deal with a couple of cancellations.

Basically, the odds are reflecting a slightly extended hiatus for Invictus Gaming. If those two games against Let’s Quit had taken place, then we would have been in a better position to give a more accurate response to the odds.

So, here’s what we think. Yes, the tips are generally in favor of Bren winning, but you need to look at the fuller picture. Remember that Invictus Gaming won the last game between the two, and their win rate is also higher.