CS:GO Team Liquid Brings New Star to the Team

Team Liquid has been through a bit of an up and down in recent times with the news that Russel ‘Twistzz’ Van Dulken was leaving the team. This would be a bit of a body blow to most teams, but it appears that Team Liquid has not allowed this news to get them down.

In fact, they have sought to turn things around as quickly as possible.

Out Goes One Legend – In Comes Another?

After Twistzz announced on Twitter that he was effectively retiring and moving on from Team Liquid, talk moved to who would replace him in the team. It didn’t take long before the name of another legend started to surface, and it seems that there may indeed be some truth to the stories.

According to reports, Team Liquid is interested in bringing Gabriel ‘Fallen’ Toledo to the team, and this is a move that would certainly make a whole lot of sense. Fallen is a real in-game leader, and he would certainly help to fill the void that is being created by Twistzz leaving the team. However, things aren’t quite finalized just yet, but there’s a strong belief that it will only be a matter of time before an announcement is made.

But Why is Twistzz Leaving?

But this opens up the question of why Twistzz is leaving. He has seen real success at the team, and the Canadian was viewed as one of the best players in the world during a time when Team Liquid was outperforming a number of other teams in CS:GO.

Well, after three and a half years with the team, it seems that Twistzz wants to try something else. He may even move to Europe according to comments, and he plans on announcing his next moves in the very near future.

The one thing you can be sure of is that other teams will want to snap him up. He isn’t known as a magician at the game for nothing, and he will seriously enrich the roster of any team that is able to tempt him to sign up with them.

As for Team Liquid, if they do manage to land Fallen and bring him into the fold, then they won’t be as weakened as they would have otherwise been. That is fantastic news for them, and even though there’s always a settling in period to occur, it shouldn’t take too long before the team is back up to strength and winning tournaments like they were when Twistzz was involved.