csgo device shouting

Device speaks up about the current state of CSGO

Counter-Strike Global Offensive is one of the most popular franchises in esports. The game has been popular for several decades, partly due to its simplistic play style and ease of understanding. It is also the most spectator-friendly esports title that constantly amasses millions of viewers. 

It is argued however that CS:GO publisher, Valve, does not seem to take the best care of the franchise. A few years ago, professional players like Get_Right would often be in constant communication with Valve; this would provide them with a feedback mechanism from the pros. It would additionally allow them to develop CS:GO accordingly to cater to the professional scene. In 2015 CS:GO was taking off in a big way with millions of dollars in investments as well as several big name brands joining the esports bandwagon.

FaceIT London Major MVP

The FaceIT London Major concluded recently with Danish team, Astralis, winning the Grand finals comfortably and therefore establishing their dominance after months of winning various tournaments and events. However, a recent tweet made by FaceIT London Major MVP, Nicolai ‘Device’ Reed definitely has sparked up a debate about CS:GO and Valve’s handling style in turn. 

Device has been an exceptional player for Astralis, both during the FaceIT London Major as well as the subsequent Blast Pro Series, with his tactics relying on tracing his own steps and working within his limitations. He might not be the most individually skilled player in the field but he is able to achieve quick results because of his play-style and, regardless of his personal performance, he has been a steady player at the Top of the CS:GO scene for several years. 


The dark side to CS:GO

Since CS:GO belongs to Valve it often draws a direct comparison with the other Valve game, Dota 2. Fans of the game may argue that more attention is paid to Dota 2 via the huge prize pool and the several community events that are launched. At the same time though, CS:GO does not have the same number of events and there used to be operations within the game that would have several new maps and game modes; these have since finished. 

The frequency of the CS:GO operations has definitely seen a decline over the past couple of years. Device mentions that the professional esports players are no longer in constant communication with Valve, as perhaps they should be. With Valve focussing heavily on the casual player base while updating their game, the pros opinions’ have since taken a backseat.

A void in communication?

It is safe to say that a void in communication can definitely be noticed between the professional players and the game developer; we are expecting Device’s tweet to raise a few questions. On the plus side however, we might see several lines of communication open up between the two parties once more and this could result in the consumer being the one to benefit.