Estockx Beta goes live 🎉

Never thought your esports knowledge could earn you money? Think again!

A group of gamers and esports enthusiasts recently joined forces to develop Estockx, the worlds first esports stock market. The concept of Estockx is simple – buy shares of your favorite esports athletes and when they pop off (“THE JUMPING DOUBLE FOR COLD!!!”), you earn money.

How it works

The Estockx platform allows users to purchase virtual shares of professional esports athletes. Each share is eligible for dividends if the player in question performs better than his peers.

At the end of each match day, the performance of all esports athletes (per game) is compared on the basis of objective criteria (e.g. kills/assists/wins/…). Share owners of the best performing athletes receive dividends per share they own. Think s1mple will absolutely dominate next tournaments? Pick up some of his shares and make a nice profit!

Estockx Beta is LIVE

The Estockx platform is currently in Beta. The first season of the Estockx Beta will run until June 21st, focuses on CSGO and on the following tournaments:

A selection of players from the teams partaking in these tournaments are available to be purchased on the Estockx platform. Beta users receive a virtual balance to purchase shares of their favorite esports athletes. These shares are eligible for dividends as explained above. Dividends can be used to purchase extra shares to receive even more dividends over following match days.

At the end of the Beta, the users that have earned the most dividends receive a cash reward.

Interested? Go to (mobile only for now) to claim your spot in the Estockx Beta! Also feel free to hop on the Discord to join the Estockx community.