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CS:GO Daily Betting Tips – Monday

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive BLAST Premier Showdown Spring 2020

BLAST Premier Showdown EU betting ought to be a hot topic. It’s a real treat for CS:GO betting enthusiasts, especially with DreamHack Masters Spring entering its final stage. The European Showdown event kicks off on Monday, June 1st, and is set to last until Sunday, June 7th. The same goes for the American Showdown. BLAST Premier Showdown kicks off with two groups, five teams in each, followed by dynamic playoffs starting from the quarterfinals. There’s no winner here – two teams will share the first place. Keep in mind group stage matches are played in best of 1 series and ties are possible (15-15 for example). Let’s analyse some Monday matches:

MATCH: Astralis vs NiP

Date: Monday, June 1st @ 18:00 CEST

Both teams are currently in a very unstable phase as both squads changed players. Astralis is playing with Jugi and Snappi instead of gla1ve and Xyp9x as they are taking a leave. On the other side NiP has a new player too, Hampus. As this is best of 1 match, surprises are possible. I won’t analyse their previous matches and history, since for the first time we will see this new temporarily Astralis facing NiP who are struggling a lot lately. However, this NiP did beat solid ENCE in their last match. Can that give them confidence to approach this match and take a win? Possible, but I still believe in Astralis with Magisk, device and dupreeh.

Odds are slightly favoured for Astralis, and Astralis is a slight favourite on most sportsbooks. But this is a very risky bet.

PICK: Astralis ML, 1.75 @

MATCH: Vitality vs ENCE

Date: Monday, June 1st @ 15:30 CEST

In their last match few days ago, Vitality took dominant win over ENCE with clean 2-0 result. However, ENCE has some good showings before that and by taking a map off Astralis and beating NaVi and Copenhagen Flames they showed they are finally ready for something more again. If you ask me, Vitality are big favourites here again, and with ZywOo playing really well lately, they can surely do it. They are on 2 match winning streak, and they are better then ENCE on 5 out of 7 maps in the map pool. I’m afraid only of Allu, ENCE’s best player currently. If he shows up, he can do quite a mess on the server, and can be a big threat to Vitality.

I think Vitality will take this match in the end. But let’s be careful as this is BO1 series and match can end up in a tie (due to the tournament’s rule set).

PICK: Vitality ML, 1.73 @

MATCH: Fnatic vs MAD Lions

Date: Monday, June 1st @ 19:15 CEST

What is going on with fnatic? They are completely out of form and their in game play is disastrous, as well as individual plays. However, there is no doubt about their top quality. In their last 5 matches, they have won only against GODSENT with a close 2-1 result. They have 2-9 win-loss map ratio, which is pretty terrible if we know that they’ve played teams like Spirit and Movistar Riders, teams that should be way bellow their level. MAD Lions are actually a pretty decent Danish team, that can do a lot on the international scene. They showed pretty solid performance vs mousesports few days back, when they took the match with clean 2-0. Their players Bubzkji and sjuush are the best fraggers of the squad, and if they show a good individual performance, they can surely surprise very unstable fnatic currently.

Very risky bet, but when I saw the odds, I had no doubt about it. At the end, this is BO1 and surprises will happen.

PICK: MAD Lions ML, 2.36 @


Tipster Betslip

Astralis vs NiP
Astralis ML
1.0u @ 1.75
Vitality vs ENCE
Vitality ML
1.0u @ 1.73
Fnatic vs MAD Lions
MAD Lions ML
1.0u @ 2.36
Returned: 2.36u
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