Evil Geniuses Names Peter Dun As Its New Head Coach

After failing to qualify for the 2020 League of Legends World Championship in Shanghai, Evil Geniuses finally replaced Yeong-Cheol with Peter Dun as the new head coach. The British coach had a successful career with Mad Lions that ran for almost a year, starting November 2019.

Peter Dun left Mad Lions upon his contract’s expiry, which he didn’t show any interest in renewing. While Dun could have been interested in joining Evil Geniuses as soon as he left Mad Lions, Riot Games rules prohibit any new signings until the World Championship is over.

Evil Geniuses managed to finish the last summer season at position six but were thwarted by Cloud 9 to play at the World Championship. Nevertheless, they aced both the spring season and the spring playoffs after finishing in positions two and three, respectively.

Peter Dun’s Career and Achievements

In a lengthy Twitter post, Peter Dun shared his “application” to any team that would hire him as a head coach or any role linked to esports talent development. Dun has eight years’ experience working in League of Legends, including the five spent on head coaching across Europe and Brazil. He is flexible and can even perform better in the scouting or analysis job. Before joining the Mad Lions, Dun coached United Kingdom’s Splyce. In recent interviews, Dun revealed that he was always interested in China or North America regions.

In his eight-year career, other achievements that Dun realized include six World Championship Qualifications, two of which he participated as a consultant. He also boasts a 100% success in Playoffs Qualification. So far, he steered 14 teams into playoffs, and all of them qualified to proceed to the next levels. Peter Dun is joining Evil Geniuses just after a fresh appearance with Mad Lions at the Shanghai World Championship.

Will Peter Guide Evil Geniuses’ Roaster to Success?

Taking to their official Twitter account, Evil Geniuses branded Dun’s coming as “arrival of the mastermind behind a new form of evil.” It tells that the management already has high hopes regarding Dun’s role in steering the team to reclaim its lost glory.

Dun is an empathetic coach who blends well with his players, especially uprising talents. At Mad Lions, he steered an inexperienced roster to a remarkable 11-7 record. The then head-coach MacCormack credited Dun for the roaster’s success, saying his legacy will last forever in the team.

Dun now has a new challenge at Evil Geniuses; to bring them to the top of the 2021 Legends Championship Series (LCS). It is also apparent that Dun will be eyeing the 2020 World Championship too, and maybe stay past the play-ins, unlike with Mad Lions. Evil Geniuses recently acquired a new Danish roaster, Dennis Johnson, popularly known as Svenskeren. Getting Peter Don on board appears like Evil Geniuses’ check-mate move to win the 2021 season.

Pater Dun worked hard in Brazil and England, and he’ll unlikely fail to deliver in the North American region. While he has experience and success to show, we can’t wait to see the “new form of evil” he just brought from the United Kingdom.