exceL Esports roster leaked ahead of LEC, focussing on British talent

exceL Esports are one of the hot new organisations at the moment with their recent entry into the LEC League of Legends franchise. Being one of only 2 UK rosters – the other being Fnatic – in the upcoming LEC season, coupled with being a relatively new team to the pro scene, it will be exciting to see how they perform.

Although this will be exceL Esports’ first steps into professional League of Legends, the British squad are no strangers to high-tier League of Legends competition. The team have dominated in domestic leagues and tournaments over the past years and have built both a substantial fan base and trophy collection.

Just 2 days ago, ahead of official team roster announcements for LEC, Turkish esports media outlet Esporin announced / leaked exceL Esports’ roster. Since releasing the roster exceL have officially announced their acquisition of UK player kaSing from Splyce and have always spoken strongly of UK jungle player Caedrel who is also rumoured to be joining. With these 2 factors, as well as Esporin’s previous accuracy in reports, it looks like this could be spot on.

Expected exceL Esports roster

Top: Currently 3 players rumoured / being trialed
Jungle: Caedrel ??
Mid: Exileh ??
ADC: Jeskla ??
Support: kaSing ??

There have been a lot of team movements in the past couple of weeks including most notably Caps moving to G2 from Fnatic, but this is definitely a large announcement as it nearly covers their full roster.