First-Ever Transatlantic Military Esports Competition to be Hosted By Call of Duty

The second annual Call of Duty Endowment (CODE) Bowl will kick off December 11, this time bringing together service members from both the UK and US in what will be the first-ever transatlantic military competition. All teams will be fighting for first place, and just as it was in its premiere season, the proceeds will be used to empower veterans and help them in finding quality employment after their time in service.

Calling All Military Service Members

This will be the first time UK service members will take part in the competition as last year’s participants were strictly the US armed forces. The teams will constitute the US Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, the recently created Space Force. For the UK, the British Royal Army, The Royal Navy, and the Royal Air Force will be duly represented.

All eight teams will battle it out on Call of Duty: Cold War Black Ops and the teams will be paired with well-known streamers. So far, Courage, LEGION, Huskerrs, Tommey, Espresso, TeeP, Vikkstar, Swagg, Spratt, and C9Emz will be joining the competition, and more are expected to volunteer soon.

The executive director of the Call of Duty Endowment, Dan Goldenberg, has expressed his excitement with the recent development. He said, “We are proud to have the United States and the United Kingdom militaries come together to participate in the CODE Bowl. This will be the first time all military branches have come together for a spirited esports competition with the bonus of raising awareness for veteran employment, and we could not be more excited to partner with USAA to make this happen.”

A former infantry officer in the US Marines, Tony Wells, who is now USAA Chief Brand Officer also came out to say that, “CODE Bowl is a premiere gaming event made even more impactful by the work of the Endowment to help place veterans into careers following their military service.” USAA is proud to support the CODE Bowl and expand our involvement in esports as a way to celebrate military members and veterans and help them connect through games they love.

Call of Duty Endowment Bowl

Just for clarity, the Call of Duty Endowment Bowl is a nonprofit supported by Activision Blizzard. Their aim is to get 100,000 veterans meaningful jobs by 2024.

Call of Duty Endowment has been able to place over 77,000 veterans in quality jobs. The Covid-19 pandemic led to an increase in demand for job placements from veterans, following the financial strain that affected most people. However, the Endowment was able to place about 11,000 veterans in jobs, costing an average of $449.

We might see these teams replicate their real-life tactics in their gameplay. Take, for instance, the Army and Marines might focus on ground combat tactics. It will be exciting to see what strategies military divisions will use as they take up arms in the battle for bragging rights. Even as this will be fun to participate in and watch, we are all glad it is for a good cause, especially in this period where the rate of unemployment has increased.

One service member will not only go home with the satisfaction of helping a veteran. A brand new 2021 RAM 1500 courtesy of RAM trucks will be gifted to that lucky service member that is enrolled in the Endowment. The winning team will go home with bragging rights and the coveted CODE Bowl Trophy. You can watch the broadcast live on Twitch or Call of Duty’s YouTube immediately it kicks off on December 11, 1 PM EST.

Before the main event, each team will be coached by a Call of Duty League Pro, giving teams their strategies. Also, in the 6v6 contest, each team will have at least two streamers/influencers. One will serve as the captain on each team, while others will be regular team members paired with service members.