First Major Call of Duty: Warzone Season 6 Tournament


There was a huge Call of Duty: Warzone tournament this past week hosted by Minnesota eSports league Rokkr. The tournament was called the “Rokkr Royale” and awarded a prize purse of $100,000 dollars. This was held to coincide with the release of Season 6. It is the first of many major tournaments we will see this season.

As the people at Rokkr put it, this tournament will showcase COD players talents in an action-packed environment, as “30+ trio teams of streams, influences and professional Call of Duty League players will drop into Warzone and try to collect as many eliminations as possible and win each game.”


Coming away victorious were Symfuhny, HusKerrs, and ZLaner, taking the 1st place grand prize of $45,000! If you’re unfamiliar with Symfuhny, he has a twitch following of 2.5 million and 909k YouTube subscribers, largely because of his Call of Duty skills. Huskerrs is also a well known streamer; he has a twitch following of 443k as well as 176k YouTube subscribers. One of his most popular videos is his 37-kill Warzone solo match, a stunning accomplishment. ZLaner is another Call of Duty superstar, with 67k YouTube subscribers. His most impressive video is his 52-kill Warzone match.

Finishing in 2nd place was Swagg, Booya, and Superevan, winning the runner-up purse of $25,000. Swagg is one of the most known streamers around, with 939k twitch followers and 1.9 million YouTube subscribers. He has what almost seems to be an endless amount of insane Warzone clips, one being a 37-kill match. Booya is also an elite Warzone player, who just recently posted a 36-kill Warzone gameplay! His Twitch following is 103k and he has 83k YouTube subscribers. SuperEvan is extremely talented as well, with highlights for days on YouTube, and a 53-kill game of his own.

Placing 3rd in the tournament and taking home $10,000 was Frozone, Aydan, and MuTeX. Frozone has a Twitch following of 77k and 5.5k YouTube subscribers. His most viewed video is a 102-kill Warzone trio match, which is of course very impressive. Aydan has 1 million YouTube subscribers and 1.7 million followers on Twitch, and is known for his entertaining streams. Among his long list of Call of Duty highlights, he posted a 38-kill game. MuTeX is another Call of Duty veteran, with a 52-kill Warzone match and 36.6k YouTube subscribers.

A neat touch the tournament overseers included was that whoever recorded the top eliminations in a single game within the tournament won and extra $10,000. Although clearly all of these competitors were trying to win the grand prize, the consolation prizes were hefty sums as well, nothing to be ashamed of.

This was a star-studded tournament and was jam-packed full of intense gameplay, and you can head on over to Call of Duty’s Twitch account to check it out if you haven’t already. With superstars like this, it’s even worth a rewatch.

Here is the link to the official tournament page:

Here is the link to the Twitch event stream: