GuradiaN Joins Trident Clan as a Stand-In

GuradiaN Joins Trident Clan as a Stand-In

Former Natus Vincere player Ladislav "GuardiaN" Kovács has come out of inactivity to join Trident Clan as a stand-in player.

Former Natus Vincere player Ladislav “GuardiaN” Kovács has come out of inactivity to join Trident Clan as a stand-in player. The Russian Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team announced GuardiaN’s arrival on Thursday, June 10.

GuardiaN Is Back!

Slovakian AWPer GuardiaN has joined Trident Clan as a stand-in player, ending his long hiatus from the competitive CS:GO esports scene. The legendary CS:GO player was last seen in action with Natus Vincere in December 2019, helping the Ukrainian side to a fifth-sixth place finish at EPICENTER 2019.

He has since stood in for Dignitas at Flashpoint Season 1 in April 2020 but has played only two official matches across the last 13 months. That does not include his short stints with several mixes, with who he competed in lower-tier tournaments over the last two years.

GuardiaN was largely inactive in the upper echelons of competitive CS:GO for the last two years but has expressed his desire to return to action last September. Despite showing hunger to return to professional play, GuardiaN remained teamless.

Although he failed to achieve much in the latter years of his professional career, GuardiaN is still one of the most successful CS:GO players in history. He has made a name for himself as a key member of NaVi, who he helped reach no.1 on the global rankings in May 2016.

GuardiaN was also recognized as one of the top-20 players in the world for six consecutive years, between 2013-2018. That includes a reward for the second-best player in the world in 2015.

More Roster Changes for Trident Clan

Besides the addition of GuardiaN, Trident Clan also announced the return of Denis “seized” Kostin. The 26-year-old Russian joined Trident Clan at the start of the year before getting benched at the start of June.

His short stint as an inactive member of Trident Clan ended on Thursday when seized got reinstalled into the starting lineup. He will replace Mikhail “tricky” Krutov, who is moving to the bench.

As a relatively young team who have entered the professional CS:GO scene in January 2021, Trident Clan have already made a handful of roster changes, trying to find the winning formula.

Just four days after forming the team, Trident signed Suleımen “dukefissura” Orazaly, who ended up leaving the team less than a week after his arrival. More changes followed in February when Trident acquired coach Andrey “XomA” Mironenko, who left the team to join Winstrike.

After a relatively quiet April, Trident Clan are back at it with the signing of GuardiaN and the reinstalment of seized to their roster.

By returning to Trident Clan’s active lineup, seized will reunite with GuardiaN, whit whom he played under NaVi for nearly four years. The two played side-by-side in 2013-2017, leading NaVi to several tournament titles.

Trident Clan will Show Off Their New Roster at EDC Season 4

Trident Clan’s new roster will debut in the European Development Championship Season 4. There, the Russian team got seeded into Group C alongside Budapest Five, Copenhagen Flames, and SKADE.

European Development Championship Season 4 features 16 teams across four groups of four. The tournament has already begun on Tuesday, June 8, with the opening group stage games, and will continue up to Saturday, June 27.

The top two teams from each group will earn their spot in the playoffs, where a single-elimination, best-of-three (Bo3) format will be in place. The top four teams of the tournament will be awarded their share of their $30,000 prize pool, with $17,500 reserved for the champions.

Trident Clan will begin their EDC Season 4 journey on Wednesday, June 16, when they face off against Copenhagen Flames in their Group C opener. It will mark the first time these two teams will meet and the first time we will see Trident Clan’s new roster in action.

Odds for Trident Clan vs. Copenhagen Flames Match

Odds courtesy of BetOnline Sportsbook:

  • Trident +161
  • CPH -222
  • Trident +3.5 Rounds -122
  • CPH -3.5 Rounds -118
  • Over 26.5 Rounds -108
  • Under 26.5 Rounds -133