Important League of Legends 2021 Preseason Update

Riot Games has officially launched the preseason for season 11 in League of Legends right after the end of the 2020 ranked season. It is worthy to note that a lot of changes have been made and a lot of items have been introduced to the game. This is the time where players will have the time to practice and gradually get used to the updates before the new season starts.

However, a few of the important champion changes will be highlighted.

The preseason patch has already been released and the 10.23 Patch has been promised by the Gameplay Design Director, Mark Yetter, to be quite thrilling for players and fans. At this point, no one has any idea of which champion will be overpowered or underwhelming. However, with all the new items in the game, we are sure to witness some champions being stronger than others. The Patch 10.23 Notes have just been released and have over 1,500 words. That should give you an insight into just how much changes have been made.

A new ability has been released with this patch called Haste. Mark Yetter took to Twitter to explain its functionality and likened it to Armor/MR. Just as more armor equals more physical reduction, more “haste” equates to more casts per minute. The highlight for this patch is the revamped item system. It has been expanded into two categories. 28 existing Legendaries will be reworked and there will also be 23 new Mythic items coupled with 13 Legendaries and 9 Epics.

“Haste” which can only be activated through specific items such as buffs or runes will replace the current cooldown reduction. In team heated fights, this can prove very useful as it will help you reduce the cooldown of several Mythics.

Mythical and Legendary items will be tailored to each type of champion. However, the mythic will be restricted to one champion each game. There are different types of mythics such as tanks, assassins, etc. that are tweaked in a manner with which they can successfully counter the item builds of champions strong against them.

Champions that will be Buffed and Nerfed

Kassadin, Sylas, and Akali are already strong champions but will get a small buff in the new patch. This buff will come in the area of their mana and/or energy bar because the Presence of Mind rune will be changed. This change will cause many champions to have issues with mana and/or energy hence, the reason for the buff. People might argue that this buff should not be applied to these three champions because they can be very difficult to deal with on a regular. However, this buff is not unique to just the aforementioned champions. About 22 champions will get this buff but of course, it will be more impactful on these three.

Nerfs are also a big part of patch upgrades with most nerfs being directed to mana and movement speed. In this patch, two unpopular champions have the biggest nerfs – Brand and Amumu. Brand’s damage-output-department will be hit while Amumu’s base armor will be down by 3 and his HP per level, down by 4.

Changes are not expected to come with the 2021 season proper but if that happens, you will hear about it. As things are, it is difficult still to ascertain which champion will dominate and which will be cut down.