Latest eSports Tips for the Start of 2021

With contests for 2020 at an end, it’s time to look ahead and the first real esports game to take place in 2021. As major tournaments are taking a break for a few days, it allows the smaller tournaments some space to grab the limelight.

2021 CS:GO Hot Pot Masters Championships

So, with that in mind, let’s look at the 2021 CS:GO Hot Pot Masters Championships as a match up is taking place on January 1, and it’s going to be a great start to the year. The match in question is between Invictus Gaming and Let’s Quit, and at first glance it looks as if it will be an easy pick.

When you check out the two teams, then there does appear to be a huge difference in standard between them with Invictus Games being way out in front. This is due to them having won significantly more points and on a 2 match winning streak as opposed to Let’s Quit who just aren’t faring as well.

Win Rates are So Different

To really hammer home the point that Invictus Gaming is on another level, we can look at their win rate over the last 30 days of competition. There, we see they have a 56% win rate compared to 13% for Let’s Quit.

Looking across the board at what people expect to happen, then don’t be surprised to see things wrapped up in one map due to the dominance of Invictus Gaming. Also, from bets placed, and with various tipsters, you are looking at 75% favoring an Invictus victory.

Let’s Quit in Another Game

But prior to their game with Invictus Gaming, Let’s Quit does have a more even chance of getting a victory on the board to boost their confidence. Coming up against After Gaming, this is a real 50/50 shot with neither team performing particularly well as of late.

Looking at that 30 day rate, After Gaming has performed only slightly better at 25% compared to 13%, and even though most tipsters are still leaning towards After Gaming, the odds are pretty even across the market.

This tournament is taking place in China, and it has eight teams with a total prize pool of $43k. Being of a lower tier, it can be harder to determine who will rise to the top, but it’s safe to say that both Let’s Quit and After Gaming won’t be one of those teams fighting for the overall title.

Action takes place over several days with these initial fixtures being in the group stages. Don’t expect the likes of Let’s Quit and After Gaming to not get past this part of the tournament. As to the favorites? Well, it does initially appear to be Invictis Gaming out in front. They have the best win rate, although only slightly higher than Tyloo who could easily be viewed as the second favorite.

Check back in on the latest odds once games have started to see how they change after the first round of matches and whether or not teams can kick off 2021 with a win.