League of Legends General & Betting News

It’s a big week for one of the biggest games on earth, League of Legends. Let’s get into it.


Patch 10.18 brings some pretty important changes. Along with numerous PsyOps additions, One For All makes its return on September 3rd. Changes were made to thirteen champions, along with some crucial fixes to other aspects of the game. You can look through the Patch Notes here.

This week is big for other reasons too. Numerous competitions are ongoing, such as LEC, LCK, LCS, and more. The LOL World Championship 2020 is set to start on September 24th.


The League Champions Korea Summer Season is set to wrap up, with its finals taking place on the 5th. DAMWON Gaming faces newly-rebranded DRX (Formerly DragonX). DAMWON Gaming has powered through this season, going 15-2, winning 34 out of 39 games played. They’ve won 20 out of their last 21 games. On the other side, DRX hasn’t looked too hot after a solid start. They’ve lost 4 out of their last 6 games. Hopefully, the week-long layoff does them some good. However, I like DWG’s chances. At 1.26 odds, you won’t make much of them, but they’re the safe bet.

The lesser-known Turkish Championship League is also ongoing, but there’s one match that caught my eye. 4th seed 5 Ronin is set to take on #3 Papara SuperMassive in the playoffs. 5 Ronin have lost two out of their last 5 games, compared to Papara’s 5-win streak. 5 Ronin is 2-0 against Papara during this tournament, though. Their odds of 4.93 are just insane, and something that could pay off big time on September 5th.

In the League of Legends European Championship, first-placed Rogue faces off against third-seeded G2 Esports. Rogue’s recent record has been a bit shaky, but they overall performed very well. However, they’re pinned against the one team they didn’t get a win against during this split. On the other hand, G2 Esports have been a bit shaky throughout these playoffs, but they were solid near the end of the split. Either way, it’ll be a close series. However, Rogue is sitting at 3.03 odds. For a match that seems like it should be a lot closer, those odds are pretty good.

Overall, a solid week for League of Legends esports and betting. The World Championships are on their way, though! Stay tuned and stay updated!