League of Legends World Championship Update


The League of Legends World Championships are well underway in Shanghai, China and will be carrying on for the rest of October. Their viewership numbers are running wild as well, raking in a peak number of 1,847,987 viewers so far.

There are only a couple remaining undefeated teams. Out of the 4 groups, with 4 teams in each, there are 2 who have yet to lose. DAMWON Gaming in Group B currently sit at 3-0 and so do Top Esports of Group D. In Group A, there is currently a tie for 1st place. Sitting at 2-1, G2 Esports and Suning are both battling for the top spot. Group C has the closest race of the 4, with 3 teams tied for 1st at 2-1.

Group Play:

It will be interesting to see who emerges from these packs, especially in Group C. There is surely to be a shakeup this Saturday, as all 3 teams who sit atop Group C will face each other. Each game will be a best of 1, and there will be a ton on the line in every matchup. The most popular match so far this tournament occurred within Group C as well, as LGD versus Gen.G drew a peak viewership of 1,847,987!

The 2nd highest viewership posted so far was a Group B matchup, DWG versus Rogue, which brought in a total of 1,800,177. If you missed out on this one but would have wanted to tune in, you’re in luck, because these teams will be facing off again on Friday, October 9th in a best of 1 scenario.

The 2-way tie between G2 Esports and Suning at the top of Group A had the 3rd highest viewership draw so far with a total number of 1,785,376. These 2 teams are also scheduled to face-off again on October 8th to cap off Thursdays slate.

Group D will cap off the final day of the best of 1 format. The 4th highest viewership total thus far came from this group. Drawing a total of 1,761,102 viewers, Top Esports versus DRX was a battle between the current top 2 teams in this group. They will be facing off again on Sunday, October 11th, and will close out the best of 1 round in what should be a great matchup.

Upcoming Schedule:

Once Round 1 ends, there will be a brief break and Thursday, October 15th, the best of 5 quarterfinals series will begin. The matchups are yet to be determined of course, and there will only be one series played per day. This will go on for 4 days, before another break. On Saturday, October 24th, the semifinals will go down, and then the finals.

The main event and moment every one has been waiting for will take place on October 31st. who do you think will make the finals, and who will take home the big prize? Be sure to stay up to date with the rest of this action-packed month!

Check out the official League of Legends schedule and standings here:

https://lolesports.com/schedule?leagues=worlds https://lolesports.com/standings/worlds/worlds_2020/groups