Worlds 2019: Group B Breakdown

With Europe hoping to get more than one team out of the group stage, Group B holds their chances of bringing a third as well. With only one real powerhouse in FunPlus Phoenix, who are almost assured first seed unless they drop the ball, Splyce from the LEC look poised to take the second qualifying spot over the J Team and GAM Esports. Here are how they stack up against each other, and what to look for in the coming matches and head-to-heads.

Group B Breakdown

GAM Esports

With exceptional performances in the past Worlds events, Gigabyte Marines Esports come as the Vietnamese first seed, and are looking to repeat their previous success, as well as get further than they have before.

Although they may be the first seed, their opponents are no slouches. Against their major competition, they are seen as the inevitable weakest team in Group B, with FunPlus Phoenix posing the largest risk. Overall, they sit at 151:1 odds of winning the tournament overall, and place at the bottom of the pack to even make it out of the group stage, even below that of Splyce and CTBC J Team.


Of all the groups Splyce could have gotten, this was possibly the best one for the third seed from Europe. Having come out as the third seed of Europe, many expected Splyce to falter in the play-in group stages. However, they persevered, making their way to the play-in knockout stage. Of the four matches played, they were the only ones to be pushed to a game five against their opponent, Unicorns of Love. Interestingly, these two teams are seen as LEC home teams, due to the fact that Unicorns of Love were originally playing in the LEC when they were known as the EU LCS.

Having been pushed to game five already in just the play-in bracket stage, they are against fairly decent other opponents. The overall odds of them winning Worlds 2019 are sat at 67:1, a fairly decent standing, making them second to FunPlus Phoenix in Group B.

FunPlus Phoenix

A surprising powerhouse region from China, FunPlus Phoenix come in as the first seed from China, and looked dominating during their qualification during the finals of the LPL, going 3-1 against Royal Never Give Up.

Due to their dominating performance, as well as who else is in the group, FunPlus Phoenix are seen as the automatic first seed coming out of Group B. Anything lower, and they would be putting many analysts to shame. Their odds of winning the entire tournament are seen as 5.5:1, the second lowest odds, just behind SK Telecom T1.


Coming in from the LMS is the first seeded J Team, having made their qualifications after becoming the LMS 2019 Summer champions. Consisting of a few unknowns, they were able to make their way through the summer tournament, and will be their first time competing at Worlds since their creation.

Because this is their first time, however, it can be seen as improbable for them to get further than this stage.
Although they are seeded as the number one from the LMS, they are coming in from what is noticed as a weaker region. As such, their odds are about the same as with Splyce, with their overall predicted chance of winning the tournament sitting at a staggering 101:1 odds.

Betting on Worlds 2019 Group B

If you’re wanting to back any of the favourites or underdogs in Group B, we’ll be comparing all of the best esports betting odds and markets for the entire tournament. Check out our League of Legends Worlds 2019 betting page to find all the best League of Legends betting websites and bonuses.