PUBG 2021 Plans Reveals a Total Prize Pool of $14 Million

PUBG Corporation has announced that the PUBG Mobile 2021 season will feature a total prize pool of $14 million. The announcement came via a video message by the PUBG Mobile esports Director, James Yang, following the start of the PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2020 (PMGC 2020) League Stage.

There are established leagues that exist in South and Southeast Asia. However, the corporation will introduce seven more to complement the already existing leagues. These new PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) will be in the following regions:

  • Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS)
  • Western Europe
  • Arabia
  • Turkey
  • North America
  • Brazil
  • Latin America

The Director of PUBG Mobile Global Esports, James Yang, while making the announcement stated that their ultimate goal is to become a tier 1 esports organization. According to him, “2020 has been an incredibly special year for us as we have expanded in all aspects and completed our amateur to the pro ecosystem, but this was only the beginning. We have huge ambitions to become a tier 1 esports and stand shoulder to shoulder with the biggest games in the world, not just to break boundaries with mobile sports.”

The director also stated that the 2021 season would be divided into four quarters. The PUBG Mobile Club Open (PMCO) will feature in the first and third quarters while the Mobile Pro League will feature in the second and fourth quarters.

Just as it is in 2020, the 2021 season will be split into two. The PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PGMC) will hold at the end of 2021. PUBG Invitationals would also be introduced alongside PUBG Mobile Cup Open and the newly introduced PUBG Mobile Pro League. Registrations for the Mobile Club Open 2021 Spring Split would resume on the 1st of January and close on the 24th of the same month.

Plans to build more studios around the world are underway as the corporation is looking to start with one in Katowice. That project, which is in partnership with ESL was unveiled earlier this year.

PUBG Mobile Growing at Breathtaking Speed

PUBG Mobile kicked off operations in 2018 and we have since then, seen tremendous growth and development. From then till now the growth has been immense as over 120,000 teams registered to compete in the 2020 PUBG Mobile Cup Open. The program accepted competitors of all levels and across multiple regions. Investment in PUBG Mobile esports by PUBG Corporation has continued to grow, with the reward increasing every season. 2021 is no different as the total prize pool has more than doubled. The 2020 figure stands at $5 million while in 2021, a whopping $14 million will be up for grabs.

Yang said, “The huge increase in the prize pool is representative of the growth we foresee in 2021. In western regions, in particular, there is huge room for expansion and I could not be more excited for the future of PUBG Mobile esports.”

PUBG Mobile esports scene had a watch time of 100 million hours in 2020. With more competitions and a larger prize pool, these numbers are expected to go up. Also, the PUBG Mobile World League 2020 (PMWL) recorded 1.1 million concurrent views

The anticipation of the start of the 2021 season is building as it promises to be an exciting and interesting year for PUBG Mobile esports. The increased representation globally as it launches leagues in more regions, as well as the increase in the prize pool, will attract more players and fans alike.

PUBG Mobile also has eventually settled with the Indian government and is set to make a smashing re-entry into the Indian market. The game was banned earlier in the year for “security reasons,” and the corporation has since then made adjustments. The PUBG Mobile India launch is perhaps the most anticipated gaming event in the country at the moment. However, the prize pool for PUBG Mobile India after its launch is yet to be verified.