PUBG Mobile Esports Vietnam Has Announced a $499,000 Prize Pool for 2021

In anticipation of the start of the new season, PUBG Mobile has made an announcement, addressing the question of what players in Vietnam should expect as the prize pool in 2021. The company revealed that about 11.5 Vietnamese dongs ($499,000) will be up for grabs in the new season. However, it is worth noting that the majority of this prize pool will go to players in the PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL). Top teams in the region will advance to the PMPL SEA Finals after two seasons of the PMPL Vietnam has been concluded.

Some of the prize pool likely goes to other events like the campus championships or national tournaments. However, these events have not yet been confirmed and no official report has been given on how the prize pool will be shared. A of now, players should know that a sure place to win some of that money is in the PUBG Mobile Pro League.

The PUBG Mobile Global Championship, which kicked off last month, had Tencent announce its plan to have a prize pool of about $14 million for all esports competitions. the announcement was made on the first day of the event. With that, the 2021 prize pool will triple that which was obtained in 2020. The efforts of Tencent to turn PUBG Mobile into a global esports title are commendable. Now, new PMPLs and PUBG Mobile Club Opens (PMCOs) are available in CIS, Brazil, North America, Arabia, Turkey, Western Europe, and Latin America.

2021 will be an interesting year for PUBG as a lot of changes have been made. The PUBG Mobile World League has been scrapped and is not on the 2021 schedule. However, there would be invitational tournaments that will act as a substitute. As it has always been, the PUBG 2021 season will end with the PUBG Mobile Global Championship.

PUBG has Issued Bans on Over 2.3 Million Accounts

Ahead of the new season, Tencent has permanently banned 2,395,953 accounts in the space of six days to ensure we all go into the new year without cheats. The company is giving everyone a chance to partake in the $14 million 2021 prize pool only as long as they can compete fairly. These accounts were permanently banned for various reasons, with the most bans going to accounts who modified their character models.

Six categories of hacks were detected by Tencent and every profile that fell in either of those categories has been permanently booted out. The categories are;

  • Modification of character model – 23 percent
  • Others – 20 percent
  • Auto-aim – 16 percent
  • Speed – 14 percent
  • X-ray vision hacks 14 percent
  • Modification of area damage – 13 percent

Hackers continue to plague mobile gaming despite several warnings and reports of account blockages weekly. In these reports issued to fans weekly in how hackers are being addressed, information on over 1.5 million banned accounts follows the reports.

As a fan, it is annoying to watch competitions where cheats run the show. For players, it is doubly frustrating having to compete against it. It is at the point where you can encounter them at any rank. However, the majority of the ban was for accounts in the Bronze category (29 percent). No other category crossed the 20 percent mark, with the least being Conqueror with 2 percent.