Relog Media Announces 2021 Flagship Teams

After purchasing the HomeSweetHome Cups brand, Relog Media has announced some events for this year. This time around, a couple of popular teams, including NiP, North, Sprout, and Gambit, have committed to participate in more than five of these competitions. The HomeSweetHome series will continue as the SnowSweetSnow cups.

In 2020, GRID Esports organized eight-week long competitions, and each one offered prize money worth $40,000. In the first couple of weeks, teams like Sprout, Endpoint,, and BIG participation in the tournament. Later, organizations like Heroic, ALTERNATE aTTaX, OG, and Complexity joined in.

To boost the appeal of their tournament lineup for 2021, Relog Media has increased the prize pool. Teams can now get a total of 100,000 dollars per cup, more than two times increase of the overall tally. The organizers also expanded the event structures, now having regional Group Stages. They reserved a portion of the prize money for the earlier stages of the event to award teams that don’t qualify for the playoffs. It’s a way of reinforcing lesser-known regions and supporting smaller organizations.

The Flagship Teams

The most notable change, however, is the flagship teams. A total of 25 organizations have contractually committed to competing in a minimum of six events organized by the production company and esports tournament operator. Moreover, the teams will participate throughout the year, even though they’ll likely take part in at least three contracted events within the first six months of the year.

Scandinavian fans will be excited to see the Copenhagen Flames, HAVU, and North playing. The Ninjas in Pyjamas (both youngsters and main rosters) will also partake. Astralis Talent will be there. Germans will enjoy having Sprout, but in Endpoint, Winstrike, Movistar Riders, and Gambit, they have the opposition ahead. Flagship teams will partner with Relog Media on various content throughout the year. Moreover, the event organizer emphasized its willingness to cooperate with its partners to improve its broadcasts and scheduled tournaments this year.

The Relog Media flagship team also includes SG-Pro, HellRaisers, and Winstrike, who will take part in the CIS groups. OFFSET, Sangal, FATE, SKADE, X-kom AGO, and Izako Boars will also participate in the tournament through the group stages. Other teams included in the company’s flagship teams partnership are Galaxy Racer, Anonymo, K23, Nemiga, Apeks, LDLC OL, and Sinners.

The First Cup Begins Next Week

On January 18, the first SnowSweetSnow Cup begins with the CIS Stage. In the next few days, teams like NiP Youngsters, Honoris, HellRaisers, and Astralis Talent will show some action. These teams will then play the regional Swiss Stage, where only eight teams qualify and later play against PACT, Endpoint, Sprout, and forZe, amongst others, with the Main Swiss Stage pre-qualification. The tournament will progress to the playoffs and end with the Grand Finals on February 11.

Along with those regional expansions and changes, the organizers are looking to offer more broadcasts and aim to include more language casts in the course of the year. Relog Media has also renewed its commitment to step up its game in content production and deliver an all-encompassing better package, as the online events tend to be here for a long while.