Seized leaves Gambit; Swole Patrol make a change to their roster.

One of the most iconic Counter Strike players, Seized, has had an undeniable impact on the growth of Counter Strike in the CIS region. His experience in playing alongside several top-tier teams makes him an invaluable player to any team. However, as his involvement grows so does Seized’s individual performance; yet this has arguably seen a dip in form as of late. Some may say that his execution is not as effective as it used to be and his leadership abilities were not always considered enough at times to help the team tide over the lack of firepower.

When Seized joined Gambit as a replacement for Fitch, he in turn brought the potential to make Gambit a great team. However, it was not as perfect as it first seemed. The Gambit roster just could not find their groove with Seized and so just a few months post his addition, Seized was put on the transfer list.

During his time there though, Seized help the team reach the Top 4 at Dreamhack Masters Marseilles.


Since then, Seized has played a few matches alongside Starix and Hooch and began competing under a new title, ‘UnderPressure’. Their participation in the CIS Minor Closed Bracket is confirmed after a strong showing in the open qualifier.

Seized is an opportunity, but his player statistics are disappointing

Seized remains a strong opportunity for any team wishing to put forward a powerful showing, yet his sole performance may always be a tender issue. Seized’s new venture alongside Starix, Hooch and several new players, definitely shows promise but he needs to continue to show a marked improvement to excel.

The CIS region is probably one of the most skilled out there and they are always producing new, lively talent, however their lack of ‘support’ players and those with experience is unnerving. Seized did have a notable showing at Dreamhack Masters Marseilles and if he can continue with that level of performance or improve upon it further, he can be essential to the region’s success.

Ace to stand-in for Swole Patrol for the rest of the season

In other news, Cooper announced that he is no longer to be a part of the Swole Patrol team. The announcement did come as a surprise as  Swole Patrol looked to be in a very sturdy position and a team who seemed to improve rapidly.

Nevertheless Cooper is set to join eUnited and will play with his new team immediately. Freakazoid speculated in a tweet [ now deleted] that a larger sum of money was likely the key reason for the roster change.


Until that day however, Swole Patrol will use Ace as a stand-in for the team.