The 10th CS:GO Operation May Launch Soon as Programs Get Updated

Steam Database has manually restructured the list of files it controls for the Counter-Strike Global Offensive (CS:GO). The update included CS:GO code changes and adding many other scripts that run the past nine operations of CS:GO. Among the added features to the game’s watchlist include several map files and the scripts used to run the game’s code.

The list of scripts is usually removed from Steam Database immediately previous operation isn’t ongoing. The scripts’ removal was done manually, marking a standard protocol of what happens when a CS:GO operation is no longer running.

The release could also be true considering Steam’s owner, Pavel Djundik, could be buying in. The sign to Pavel’s engagement to the release of a new operation is due to the site’s addition of classic maps, including the Assault and Militia. However, Pavel was reluctant to say anything on his Twitter page. In his post, he defended his lack of buying into the release of CS:GO operation hype.

Yet, considering Djundik is always spot on when it comes to prepping his site ahead of various releases, it might be true that he is prepared for Operation 10. With that said, the files update is a sign that Steam is prepping for a possible release.

Although getting any information about Valve and when they plan to release what’s on their sleeves, more and more report continues to pop up regarding the release of Operation 10. CS:GO fans are continually posting on their Twitter pages of when the operation will be out, but it is safer to calm the optimism until Valve time comes to play. This is especially important because Valve seems to go with its timeline and not as anyone predicts.

More Evidence About the Upcoming Release

The mantra- winter is coming – is often repeated when a particular release is about to happen. This has been happening across various Twitter pages related to the Steam Database and CS:GO. Moreover, Steam is known to update files weeks before the release of the next operation. This happened last year before Operation Shattered Web was released in November 2019. The last release date is almost a year since Valve released an operation, and people are starting to look forward to a new launch.

The update of files also happened prior to the StarLadder Berlin Major’s launch, which could mean Valve might be in the process of releasing yet another hit.

Is There Any Sign of a New Release from CS:GO?

Many companies are having problems completing games. But, CS:GO has maintained its schedule since 2019 all through 2020. For example, the respective studios expanding World of Warcraft’s Shadowlands and Cyberpunk 2077 have not completed their tasks. Still, Valve has gone above and beyond in ensuring they stick to their schedule. Valve has developed new features for players and developers on Steam db. It has also updated Team Fortress 2 and the first Counter-Strike.

CS:GO has also had other minor updates, which hint at the launching of a new game soon. New codes have been added to the Steam Database, and several empty lines exist on the page, indicating that more codes will be added. All these signs show a possible release of a new release.