The North America LCS Roster Changes

There have been some major changes done with the North American LCS free agency on its way. There are lots of contracts which are due to expire, with players keen on betting on themselves in free agency.

The North American teams and European teams’ rivalry has seen the European teams with a higher stance over their counterpart. Top EU teams have overtime surpassed their NA rivals, having entered the World’s quarterfinals, a particular achievement the NA teams are yet to achieve in the past two years.

Despite the North American teams being poor, most of these major roster changes will surely affect the quality of the entire region. North America is set to receive the European poster boy, Perkz. Huni is on the edge of moving to Team Solomid. Team Liquid has lost the former world champion, Impact, who has joined Evil Geniuses.

With world-class talent coming over to North American teams, the region is hoping to give their European counterparts a run for their money in the League of Legends scene.

Cloud 9 Welcomes Perkz as Nisqy Replacement

Nisqy had a great run with Cloud 9 this year, having been integral to their win in the 2020 LCS Spring regular season and playoffs. He announced his departure from Cloud 9, but we are yet to ascertain where he would make home next, with rumors suggesting the Fnatic are looking to snatch him over.

The Belgian mid laner will be replaced by Perkz within the Cloud 9 structure, as suggested by various Esports commentators. The Croatian star, Perkz, was originally a mid laner before switching to ADC. He should have no issues fitting in with the Cloud 9 team.

Team Solomid to Close a Deal with Huni

As revealed by credible sources, the deal that sees to Huni joining Team Solomid is in its final stage. It had earlier been reported that Team Solomid will not be overpaying for the top laner and that they would be focused on growing and working with up and coming talents. Oh well, it is estimated that the Huni deal will see Huni worth about upper six, or seven figures, factoring his large fanbase and previous achievements, being a 2017 Worlds Finalist.

The departure of BrokenBlade from Team Solomid had solidified the rumors suggesting Huni as BrokenBlade’s replacement.

Although BrokenBlade had a poor outing at the Worlds, he was by far the standout player on Team Solomid’s roster in the North America LCS.

Evil Geniuses Snatches Impact Off The Hands of Team Liquid

With the news of Huni leaving Evil Geniuses, they have gone ahead to secure the move of Impact away from Team Liquid. The Korean top laner who is a former world champion, having won the title in Season 3 with SK Telecom T1. Impact has over a couple of years played amazingly in the North American scene, with teams such as NRG, Cloud 9, and more recently, Team Liquid, winning himself four splits and finishing as a runner-up at the MSI tournament in 2019 with Team Liquid.

Having made a huge impact with Team Liquid, it would be a big move for Impact to leave Team Liquid to join the Evil Geniuses. The Evil Geniuses hopes to challenge as a top tier side with Impact, coming from a middle of the pack position they were before, with a projection to finish amongst the top three sides.

Dignitas Looking to Rebuild

Hauntzer will be heading to Dignitas after his run with the Golden Guardians. With Golden Guardians’ recent results, not much to go by, Hauntzer’s individual performance has remained strong, with him being ahead in CS at 15 minutes over 63 percent of the time. With Veteran Dardoch out of the way, Hauntzer is sure to make his big break and return to the top.

Dignitas will also see the departure of Johnsun, with a move to rival team Fly Quest. Johnsun had established his worth in the 2020 season as a top LCS level player, having been picked up from TSM’s academy team.

Two of Dignitas team players, Fenix and Viper, have also been released into free agency.