The Top 4 Dominant League of Legends Champions Korea (LKC) Free Agents Ahead of the 2021 Season

Legends Champions Korea (LKC) just redeemed its lost glory after winning the Shanghai World Championship thanks to DAMWON Gaming’s impressive performance. While the free agency period officially commences on November 16, all eyes are on top South Korean and global teams to see which big signings will be made between now and then. Most contracts will end as players choose where they want to spend the next season. So, who are the top 4 dominant LKC free agents to watch out? Here is the list:

1. Deft

Deft is one of the oldest players at DRX, having been there since 2018. Moreover, he now celebrates eight seasons of professional gaming, bouncing around multiple leagues such as LKC and the League of Legends Pro League (LPL). Since DRX doesn’t show any signs of letting the player go, he might remain at the team as budding players build around him.

Remember, Deft has stayed at DRX throughout all the roaster changes and rebranding in the last three years. However, if he isn’t retained, he may land on any other team as a veteran thanks to his impressive resume.

2. Chovy

Chovy has never extended his contract in any team past one year, and it is highly unlikely that he’ll do so for the first time at DRX. Conversely, it will also be bizarre to see DRX letting go of a player who helped them propel to greater heights in the just concluded 2020 season. So, where could Chovy be heading?

DRX is about to lose Pyosik, one of its talented starting lineup. Hence, it is almost nigh impossible to see them letting one of the world’s finest, Chovy, go. However, if no news comes in before November 16, Chovy will be an official free agent and may be headed to where success is frequent, say DAMWON Gaming.

3. Nuguri

Another top player to watch as a free agent is Nuguri. He recently completed and won the 2020 World Championship with DAMWON Gaming, making him a hot cake in the region and beyond. Nuguri boats impressive mechanical skills that will obviously see DAMWON wanting to keep him as his contract ends.

However, if Nuguri had intentions to remain at his current team, he would have already extended his contract before November 16. Could he be aiming for the North America or Europe region? Though it’s a long-shot, let’s see if he’ll give it a try.

4. TusiN

TusiN will likely part ways with KT Rolster as LKC focuses on uprising talents to make them the league’s cynosure. The biggest teams are already making significant investments towards recruiting your players by building teams around veterans like Chovy.

While there are still high chances that TusiN will renew his contract at KT Rolster, moving to a team that requires a veteran places is still a card in play. Let’s keep eyes on Hanwha Life and Generation Gaming if they’ll make a move to give TusiN a roster space.

These are the top players to watch in the LKC as they seek to sign new contracts. In the North America region, teams like Evil Geniuses are already making significant changes to their roster. Could some of these players eyeing the region? Well, let’s wait and see.