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Bet365 Announce League of Legends Sweep Markets

Fans of the ever-popular League of Legends title were yesterday welcomed into the New Year with news of exactly just how much they could win if they were to bet on their favourite teams to win the Spring series, Summer series and Worlds 2019 tournament in a clean sweep.

UK betting house Bet365 announced their sweep markets for the top teams of each the four major regions; North America, Europe, China and Korea. Teams including SK Telecom (36.00), Fnatic (201.00) and Invictus Gaming (26.00) have all been listed and the odds against the teams have been established and published on the site’s esports section. Fans have already taken to twitter and social media platforms to share the exciting news amongst other esport lovers and to back their team.

As demonstrated in the images below taken from the Bet365 website, League of Legends audiences can see and compare the amount they can take home, should they bet on the respected teams on the list and can take guidance from the probability of how each team will play. If you want to play it a little safer and take a Worlds 2019 victory out of the equation then there are additional markets that just cover the combined regional series. The odds a substantially worse, but also substantially safer!

With Fnatic’s recent strong EU representation at Worlds 2018, making it all the way to the Finals, we’re surprised to see their odds so low. But with the potential of SKT1 returning this year it could be a much tougher journey for the scrappy Fnatic team, especially with Caps moving to G2 late last year.

In addition to releasing their sweep markets Bet365 have also announced their four regional match winner markets, covering North America’s LCS, the newly rebranded LEC for Europe, the LCK for Korea and China’s LPL. With these recent additions it has been made easier for us fans to bet on no only who wins the match but also across a range of different betting markets that are also available. Bet sure to check out our in-depth review of Bet365 to get the best information and esports bonuses before betting!


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