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Misfits unconfident ahead of LEC start in 2019

There may not be many esports tournaments and leagues running over the Christmas period, but your favourite players have been busy training at bootcamps around the world; Misfits Gaming are no exception.

Teams will be busy learning new game metas, refining their team synergy and generally sharpening their own skills. Misfits have changed up their League of Legends roster in recent months ahead of their start in the new LEC league, bringing on board 3 new professional players in an attempt to ramp up their performance in the new year.

Maxlore (Jungle) and Hans Sama (ADC) are the only 2 remaining Misfits players from the previous roster, with Paul “sOAZ” Boyer joining from the reigning European champion, Fnatic, as a top laner. Likewise, Fabian “Febiven” Diepstraten will return to Europe after spending a year in the North American region to fill the role of mid lane and Kang “GorillA” Beom-hyeon is the final addition to the roster, taking over the role as the team’s support.


On paper, this team is exceptionally strong and individually have a proven track record of dominating the Rift for their respective teams, but from recent social activity from the team it sounds like the team is yet to gel together well. Bringing together so many experienced players can often mean they’re set in their ways and it can prove difficult to meld their mentalities to a new teams play style.

Upon arriving back in the United Kindom, Misfits jungler Maxlore tweeted saying that he’s concerned about the team’s performance during their bootcamp period. It may just take more time to build up a rapport, but can we expect to see a shaky start for the previously dominating League of Legends team against more established rosters? If betting providers offer good odds against Misfits it could be worth betting against the rabbits this time around.


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