What’s Happening in the World of LoL, Call of Duty, and Apex Legends?

League of Legends continues to excite and energize fans of the sports. It continues to be one of the most popular esports in the world.

From August 30 – November 15 there will be the Red Bull Solo Q tournament. This tournament has been well received and uniquely features 1 on 1 matchups between players. Players can partake in the tournament by playing well in national qualifiers. In the 2021 Spring League of Legend Championship series tournament is closer than users realize. Again, team SoloMid dominated and overwhelmed the competition in the 2020 summer tournament.

Call of Duty: Mobile by TiMi Studios has a highly successful first year

The App has seen over 200 million downloads since its inception. This is likely to make other esports explore the mobile route. Fortnite remains one of the first esports to explore mobile play for users.

The Call of Duty: Mobile 2020 world championship that is sponsored by Sony has already started taking place. In October, the European and North American tournaments will be held. Only the best players from the first three stages of the tournament are able to reach the regional stages. Players are allowed to use tablets during the first three stages of the competition. The regional tournament will feature double elimination matchups. This means that players can play until they receive two losses. However, this can make it more difficult for users to follow the tournament

The Japan and Latin American Regions of the tournaments for LoL have already taken place.

Viewers are able to watch the tournament live on YouTube and mobile. It is sure to be exciting even for the fans that are not playing.For players to have the option of competing in the tournament they should have a Veteran status at the beginning tournament in stage 1. This can be a difficult task for many players to reach. In any case, it has guaranteed an elevated level of rivalry in the competition.

Apex Legend also has some exciting news for its gamers. In the past, Cross-Play was not accessible for players that regularly enjoyed Apex Legend. However, there was recently a Cross-Play Beta that was released to test this feature. This will allow players to utilize Cross-Play for the first time in XBox, Origin, and PlayStation 4. Players will now be able to add their friends that play the game using other game systems.

Cross-Play will allow users to compete and engage in match-ups with others using different platforms.

This helps to significantly expand the available number of match-ups and competition that exists in Apex Legend. In any case, this has excited many fans of the game. Many other esports allow this feature and have seen great success.

This feature can further increase the user base for Apex Legend to help further ensure its success. Having more platforms available would surely increase the number of match-ups played in the esport. This should allow users to better connect to their friends on different platform. This can also help to energize the level of competition that you see in Apex Legend.