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Some Big Esports News Updates

EU Masters Spring

Since the esports industry is one that never seems to slow down, it can be extremely easy to miss some of the most important news updates. There are also some big events currently taking place, and that takes the focus…

Esports World Cup Taking Shape

Nongshim RedForce Release Its Entire LoL Roster

The world of esports is going to the big stage this summer as the Esports World Cup is set to be held in Saudi Arabia. An introductory announcement was made back in October to set the stage for the Esports…

A Look at Some Esports Partnerships

Nongshim RedForce Release Its Entire LoL Roster
With the esports industry in the United States continuing to grow, there are some major companies that are looking to get involved. Esports teams and leagues have also been searching for partnerships or sponsors, and there were some big news stories over the last few weeks.