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Interesting Updates to Fortnite


It’s pretty common for video games to come out with new updates often, and that is true in the esports industry as well. Fortnite is a game that doesn’t always get as much attention as some of the other esports…

FNCS Major 1 Wrap-Up

There has been a ton of focus on some of the biggest esports events to begin the 2024 calendar year, but Fortnite continues to be a game that is overlooked. While that is understandable at times throughout the year, there…

Disney Making Big Investment in Fortnite

Disney is starting to get more and more involved in the world of esports, and the company just made a massive investment into a major company. Epic Games just announced that it has received a $1.5 billion investment from Disney, and that is going to lead to some improvements with one of the most popular games.