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NICKMERCS’ MFAM Gauntlet – May Preview

Call of Duty MFAM Gauntlet

As the Final of the second month of the MFAM Gauntlet starts tonight at 4PM EST, let’s take a look at the teams competing and the format 

Last month it was “Team MFAM”, the gauntlet qualifier winners who took home the $24,000 prize for winning. A total of 420 points saw them defeat Vikkstar123, WarsZ and Jukeyz who came second with 400. To gain these points you are scored on kills and placement, lets dive further into how this works.


The format of the MFAM Gauntlet goes as such. There are two weeks of community qualifiers, the winner of these two tournaments get to play in the Main Event. The Main Event has teams of 4 enter, these then have 3 hours to score as many points as possible and create the highest total from their best 5 games. 

Following this the 6 highest scoring teams will be placed into a single-elimination bracket where they will battle against another squad, where the highest scoring team progresses. To ensure that the teams are balanced their overall K/D must be less than 16. 

MFAM Gauntlet Points System

Competitors (subject to change up until event start time)


  • FaZe Swagg
  • Sypher PK
  • Dez

Team Bloo

  • FaZe Bloo
  • ClutchBelk
  • Med1cine
  • Royalize

Team Dr Disrespect

  • Dr Disrespect
  • LyndonFPS
  • HusKerrs
  • Cloakzy

MFAM Falnets

  • Falnets
  • Minkss
  • GeorgasEvan
  • NicoSuavve

Team Aydan

  • Aydan
  • Tfue
  • Priestahh
  • Clayster

Team FaZe x UFC

  • FaZe Dirty
  • Dillon Danis
  • FaZe Testament
  • Johnny Walker

Team DougisRaw

  • DougisRaw
  • Gunless
  • Symfuhny
  • THump

MFAM SuperEvan (Last months winners)

  • SuperEvan
  • Ampz
  • Frozone
  • Etrain

Team Hitch

  • Hitch
  • Jorge
  • Blake
  • Kekoa

Team National Guard

  • Cam
  • ZexsOG
  • Daxy
  • Strotnium

Team Crimsix

  • Crimsix
  • Pamaj
  • Studyy
  • Proof

Team JKap

  • Jkap
  • Enable
  • Christian Kirk
  • Galvanxze

Team Vikkstar

  • Vikkstar123
  • WarsZ
  • Jukeyz
  • MVS

Team NoahJ456

  • NoahJ456
  • Tommey
  • UnRationaL

Team MFAM Noli

  • Noli20
  • Jaysful
  • BRTyler
  • Elyshreds

Team Barstool

  • Smitty


  • BabyDillster
  • Speros
  • Parad12e

Team Censor

  • Censor
  • Attach
  • Apathy
  • Xotic

Team Kyle Van Noy

  • Kyle Van Noy
  • Nas
  • Frag
  • Fricke Barstool

Team TrainwreckTV

  • TrainWrecksTV
  • Crowder
  • aBeZy
  • Felo

Team TeeP

  • TeeP
  • BobbyPoffGaming
  • Nadeshot
  • Rallied


There are many good teams entering this month’s MFAM Gauntlet. Specifically Team Aydan (6.60 @ Midnite), Team Crimsix (14.00 @ Midnite), MFAM SuperEvan (4.20 @ Midnite), Team Vikkstar (11.50 @ Midnite), Team Censor (9.40 @ Midnite) and Team TeeP (10.50 @ Midnite). These teams are definitely ones to look out for, MFAM SuperEvan are last month’s winners, while the rest consist of current or former Call of Duty professionals. Kill world record holders or all round incredible players.

Personally, I’m backing Team Vikkstar to take the crown this month. Although they’re not favourites. Vikkstar currently holds the Warzone Squads kill world record, while he has won three back-to-back-to-back Warzone Wednesday’s with his teammate WarsZ. Joining them is Jukeyz, Syndicate Sunday winner who also got the most kills and a player who used to hold a kill world record. Their fourth is Marquez Valdes-Scantling, a wide receiver for the Green Bay Packers, he has some real Warzone skill too!

Last month’s highest total score was 420, with Vikk, WarsZ and Jukeyz coming in second place with 400. If they can up their game slightly from last month, they should be in the money.

MFAM Gauntlet Odds

You can watch the MFAM Gauntlet on their Twitch Channel for an overview of the tournament with casters switching between POV’s. Or your favourite competitor should be streaming themselves. The leaderboard can be found here. Remember, it starts at 4PM EST and is scheduled to go on until 10PM, if you’re in the UK that’s 9PM – 3AM.

Tipster Betslip

Tournament Winner
Team Vikkstar
1.0u @ 11.50
Returned: 0.00u
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