League of Legends by Daniel Le November 10, 2019 4.13K

Worlds 2019 Finals: G2 v FunPlus Phoenix

After a month of hard battles, and many crushed opponents, we are finally ready to crown ourselves a new League of Legends World Champion. With the old guards falling off, defeated under the weight of the new, both FunPlus Phoenix and G2 Esports have definitely earned their place as the finals contenders. With neither team dropping more than a single game per set, against teams like SK Telecom T1 and Invictus Gaming, you know this is going to be a close final.

With the finals being best of 5, just as the other matches of the bracket set, we also get a decent quantity of odds that you will be able to bet on. Although we generally pick out only our top favorite odds to place our money on, we plan to do an in-depth look at each of the odds that are provided. This gives you an opportunity to pick the one you wish to bet on the most, at what we see as the most likely outcome. So, let’s get into all of the possible bets that you can place your money on.

All odds provided by GG.Bet.

General Head-to-head

With both G2 Esports and FunPlus Phoenix being underdogs in their respective Semi-Final matches, it’s no wonder that both are seen as equals. G2 Esports have arguably had a tougher road. They made their way through both DAMWON Gaming and SK Telecom T1, two of Korea’s best teams, and were able to defeat them quite handedly 3-1.

FunPlus Phoenix had an arguably easier side, having gone up against Fnatic who were not even predicted to make it into the quarterfinals, and Invictus Gaming. Although Invictus Gaming were slated as the stronger team, and no pushovers, they would still be considered easier teams to win over than both SKT and DWG.

Going into the head to head, it is fairly close. However, FunPlus Phoenix are slated to be a weaker team, with less experience as an organization overall, and with a highly varying style of gameplay in terms of consistency. G2 are fairly more established, and have a more consistent playstyle, which will be difficult for FunPlus Phoenix to crack.

Our Pick: G2 Esports (1.8)

In terms of game score, it may be safe to say that the game score would turn towards a 3-1. Each match of the entire tournament, when played in the best of 5 series, have all be 4 game series, ending in 3-1. As such, the trend may or may not continue with the finals. However, we would have a stake to still say a 3-2 in favor of G2 would be within bounds of understanding, and that there is a potential chance for a game 5.

Our Picks: G2 3-2 (4.78), G2 3-1 (4.21)

General Spreads

In terms of general bets, the trend of 4 games total for the series has pushed many of the odds in favor of a lower game count than we normally see. Because of this, the safe bets would be within scope of following the trends, with both total maps and map handicaps reflecting that.

Total Maps: Under 4.5 (1.43), Over 3.5 (1.34)

When looking at handicapping either of the teams, it is safe to say that G2 would suffer the most with a handicap. FPX are slated to at least take a game, however, so going too low with a -2.5 on G2 would be a bit much.

Map Handicap: G2 -1.5 (2.58), FPX +1.5 (1.47)

Taking a look at recent games as well, and as stated before, the odds of a possible 4 game series is possible. We understand that previous game scores do not always matter when it comes to the present bet. However, we like to think that the chance of anything other than a 3-1 would be a bit of a downer.

Odd/Even Maps: Evens (2.42)

First Map Bets

When it comes to the first map, many of the odds depend on the composition and style of play that the teams choose to go for at that specific moment. We will never know if Doinb will attempt to play more conservative and passive, forcing FPX to cater around Caps possibly roaming towards bot and top for a faster paced game. We also do not know if G2 will want to test the waters first with a slower paced game number 1, leading to a win for FPX in the first game.

However, based on their overall gameplay and tempo variations, it can be easily stated that they do have distinct styles. The attacking powerhouse of FPX who like to roam and force fights to a point of over aggression, and G2, a team known for counterattacking and striking a weakened state, can tilt a game one way or another. As such, these odds are made with those items in mind for game number 1.

Our Picks for Game 1:

  • Overall Winner: FPX (1.87)
  • Race to Kills: FPX to 5 (1.88), G2 to 10 (1.84)
  • Team to Draw First Blood: FPX (1.87)
  • Total Kills Odd/Even: Either (1.87)
  • Total Kills: Under 26.5 (1.86)
  • First Turret: G2 (1.85)
  • First Baron: FPX (1.91)

Second Map Bets

Come game number 2, expect a more amped up G2. No matter the winner of Game 1, the outcome of game 2 would heavily go in favor of G2 Esports after they are able to get a better read of FPX. Expect many of the bets available to be in favor of G2 Esports for the map bets.

  • Overall Winner: G2 (1.82)
  • Race to Kills: G2 to 5 (1.85), G2 to 10 (1.84)
  • Team to Draw First Blood: FPX (1.87)
  • Total Kills: Under 26.5 (1.86)
  • Total Kills Odd/Even: Either (1.87)
  • First Baron: G2 (1.84)
  • First Turret: G2 (1.85)
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