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Daily Call of Duty Betting Tips – Wednesday

The Call of Duty league always throws up some interesting matches, and today is no different. So, we have two games we want to focus on for today as they promise to be classic encounters.

Dallas Empire vs London Royal Ravens

First up today, we have Dallas Empire against London Royal Ravens. The odds seem stacked against the London team, it’s going to be interesting to see if they can close a large gap between the teams and run Dallas closer than they expect.

The problem for London is they have been poor as of late. Their placements in different league competitions last year never broke into the higher echelons on a regular basis. They would strike it lucky, mainly in London, and break into the top four, but they would then sink back toward the bottom of the league.

Dallas Empire, on the other hand, won the league championship in 2020 along with several other wins and higher placements in tournaments throughout the year. That gives them a stronger foundation and it explains why they sit at odds of +1.11 compared to +5.99 for London.

We do feel Dallas will walk away with this match. Even with London being given +2.5 maps and Dallas -2.5 shows London only slightly ahead for the win. If you are interested in placing bets on Dallas winning 3-0, then you can get odds of +2.07.

Our Pick: Dallas Empire to win 3-0 at +2.07 on

Seattle Surge vs Los Angeles Thieves

Next, we have an all American clash between Seattle Surge and Los Angeles Thieves and this is also lining up to be an interesting match even though the odds show a split between both teams.

Los Angeles Thieves were pretty consistent in their relatively few tournaments last year, and that may have something to do with their small roster which means changes are unlikely. They always appeared to finish in either third or fourth place, and that’s mainly why they sit at +1.14 for this match.

This level of consistency is not something we see with Seattle Surge with their results from 2020 in the COD League being relatively poor by comparison. They would regularly end up struggling to even land in fifth place with their average being around eighth. This lack of ability to break through to the higher placings does offer some explanation as to why you get odds of +4.70 for this game.

But we like to mix things up a bit, and that’s why we are drawn to the odds when Seattle has a +1.5 map advantage over Los Angeles. Then, Seattle is at +2.53 while you will get +1.07 for Los Angeles to still win on a -1.5 map deficit. While that shows we still feel Los Angeles will come through for the win, it will be a closer run thing.

Also, we like to give people a bit of a chance, and we feel that the best score odds would be for a 3-1 victory for Los Angeles which is available at +3.00

Our Pick: Los Angeles Thieves to win 3-1 at +3.00 on

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