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Daily CS:GO Betting Tips – Thursday

The Snow Sweet Snow tournament dedicated to CS:GO is kicking off, and there are several games for us to check out.

Lyngby Vikings vs Astralis Talent

First, we have this match between Lyngby Vikings and Astralis Talent, and the odds are clear as to the direction this match should head in. Checking them out, Lyngby Vikings sit around +1.11 while Astralis Talent is at the +5.83 mark.

This is one of those games where it’s easy to recognize why the odds are so far apart. Lyngby Vikings have won two of their last five whereas Astralis Talent have been on a very poor run with no recent victories.

Not only that but the two teams clashed earlier this year with Lyngby Vikings winning 2:0. That, on top of their winning percentage of 55.9% compared to 25%, all adds up to the odds being heavily in favor of Lyngby Vikings.

Tricked vs Copenhagen Flames

Another match in the same tournament sees Tricked up against Copenhagen Flames, and this game is viewed as being a lot closer than some. Looking at the odds, we see Tricked as the slight favorites at +1.70 while Copenhagen Flames sits around +2.08. While that may be enough of a difference for some, it does mean there’s every chance this game could go to either team.

Both teams have had some mixed fortunes as of late, with neither setting the world alight. Actually, Copenhagen Flames has the better form with three wins from their last five while Tricked has two wins, two defeats and one cancelled game.

However, the two teams are also very familiar with one another. Over the last few months, they have played one another on four occasions. Copenhagen Flames does hold a 3-1 record, but Tricked did win the last match.

There’s every possibility that either team could win this game. So, from a betting perspective, this could be linked to your gut instinct.

MBAPPEEK vs 4glory

This match actually takes place in the group stages, but it’s one of those games where the winner should be easy to predict. The odds have MBAPPEEK sitting at +1.39 while 4glory is back at +2.80, and this is all thanks to their run of form.

Now, neither team is doing too well with two wins from the last five for MBAPPEEK compared to one in the last five for 4glory. However, 4glory has a poor win rate over the longer term of only 11% while MBAPPEEK is higher at 58.3%. Ultimately, they seem the strongest team especially when you notice 4glory only has one win from their last nine matches.

It does look like this group game will be an easy win for MBAPPEEK. It would have to involve them hitting a serious slump at the same time as 4glory performs better than they ever have before for an upset to occur. While we cannot rule it out, this does seem unlikely.

The Snow Sweet Snow tournament has other matches going on over the next few days, so keep checking back to see how teams perform in the group and how they take that form forward into the business end of the tournament.

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