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Dota 2 Daily Betting Tips – Tuesday

Epic League Division 1 has the best teams across Europe and CiS clashing for a total prize pool of $500 000 in what appears to be the last tier one event of 2020. Fans have already witnessed more than a few surprises during the first series of the group stage where only one thing is certain – top-notch Dota.

The focus of today’s article will be the Nigma vs Alliance series this Thursday. We will take a look at key points going into this matchup like previous performance, current form and win probability. In the end, we will give you our pick for this event as well as markets that you should consider if you are looking to make some money while watching professional Dota.

So Far in the Tournament

What a treat Epic League has been for Dota fans so far! Epic three-game series and comebacks are a normal occurrence in this tournament. When the best in the world are playing, sassy plays and chat wheel taunts are guaranteed.

Here are a few key points to mention following the first matches of the group stage:

  1. is looking amazing! Definitely top contenders for winning this tournament.
  2. Fan favourites OG are being inconsistent and lack synergy at times.
  3. Alliance have lost two series so far. Despite that, solid performances from Nikobaby.
  4. Mudgolems continue to surprise as they overcome Secret.
  5. Liquid sees themselves in the last place following losses to NaVi and
  6. NaVi has secured a solid first place after winning 3 series.

Nigma vs Alliance Betting Odds

With so many heroes and different strategies in Dota 2, it can be really hard to predict what the outcome is going to be. Especially when Nigma and Alliance are playing. But what are the numbers that bookies are giving?

Currently, the odds are slightly in favour of Nigma with 1.84 for them to win the series against 1.95 for Alliance. This of course means that the series could easily go either way so avoid placing bets on the outcome unless you want to really test your luck. If you are looking to bet on map winner, we recommend you closely observe the beginning of each map and take advantage of live bets. Try to place your bet before the odds go highly in favor of one team or the other.

We consider over 2.5 maps played as a very good option here as well as an odd number of maps, simply because any of these teams could win or come back after losing one game.

Both markets are valued at about 1.90, definitely, something to consider when placing a bet.

If you are looking to take advantage of the best possible markets then look at the correct map score market. It’s highly likely that this will go into game 3 and either team winning 2:1 will bring you odds close to 3.60. Take advantage!

Win probability – Nigma 52% v 48% Alliance.

Our Dota 2 Betting Pick

After reading our detailed Dota 2 match review, we would like to share some betting picks with you. In our opinion, this is going to be a very evenly matched game with eventually over 2.5 maps as we have already mentioned above. We believe that Nigma is a team that is slightly better compared to Alliance but everything is very subjective. Most probably, the team that is going to take the first map is going to win and if we need to make a betting tip, we would like to share Nigma to win on the Moneyline + Over 2.5 maps.

Betting Pick: Team Nigma ML + Over 2.5 Maps

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