Warzone Wednesday Betting Tips

The Warzone Wednesday tournament is an exciting Call of Duty tournament that brings some of the best streaming talent together to battle it out in Call of Duty Warzone. Spanning over a number of matches, points are racked up after each game and accumulated, with the victor having the most points at the end. Show more.

In a similar fashion to Horse Racing, bets are generally done on outrights, betting on who will come first, rather than betting on a match up between two particular teams. Some sportbooks also offer Each Way outrights, giving you some protection on your bet.

The tournament is hosted weekly on a Wednesday by Keemstar on his Twitch channel. Show less.

Call of Duty by Charlie Cater June 10, 2020 5.60K

After last week’s tournament was cancelled, we take a look at tonight’s instalment. Week 9 of Warzone Wednesday, lets try again  Two weeks ago Warzone Wednesday was cancelled due to unstable North American Warzone servers. This meant that some players were disconnecting from the servers randomly or were unable to access them at all. This […]

Call of Duty by Charlie Cater May 20, 2020 6.65K

As week 9 of Warzone Wednesday starts tonight, we take a look at the teams competing, the favourites, and the format. The weekly tournament series run by YouTuber Keemstar has gained a lot of traction over the past 8 weeks. Three time winner Vikkstar123 had 70,000 concurrent viewers during their winners finals match last week. […]

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