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CS:GO Daily Betting Tips – Friday

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive ESL Pro League

MATCH: Complexity Gaming vs Fnatic

Date: Friday, September 11th @ 17:30 CEST

Complexity Gaming has won all three of its group stage matches at ESL Pro League so far. The team has emerged as a strong contender and a juggernaut in the true sense of the word. Complexity relies on its in-game leader not only to provide the leadership for the players but also to lead the team in kills and statistics. BlameF has not disappointed so far. Fnatic’s potential as a team cannot be underestimated. The team has a mixture of veterans and upcoming players. This mixture of experience and firepower allows Fnatic the superior advantage in most of its matchups. Fnatic has won its last three matches against Complexity, although the type of wins has become much more difficult in recent months. Complexity has the momentum against Fnatic and I am taking Complexity to take this series.

PICK: Complexity, 1.53 @ BetOnBit

MATCH: Cloud9 vs Triumph

Date: Friday, September 11th @ 21:00 CEST

Cloud9 and Triumph will face each other in the ESL Pro League Season 12 North America. The Cloud9 CS:GO team is on its last legs as the organization is already searching for a new home for the players. Cloud9 recently announced the addition of ALEX to lead its new roster. This means the former ATK players will soon be on the lookout for a new organization to represent. Meanwhile, Triumph lost the majority of its CSGO roster recently and the new team has not been putting up as good performances as the previous one. Triumph could potentially pose a challenge to Cloud9, but it is very difficult to assess the Cloud9 players’ state of mind. The two teams played against each other recently and Clodu9 emerged victorious.

PICK: Cloud9, 1.31 @ BetOnBit

MATCH: Astralis vs Mousesports

Date: Friday, September 11th @ 21:00 CEST

Astralis and Mousesports will face each other in the ESL Pro League Season 12 Group stage. Glaive has returned to Astralis’ active roster but also brings a lot of experience and firepower as well. Astralis won its recent matches against Team Vitality and FaZe Clan. The team looks extremely strong and could potentially have a chance at winning this tournament. However, Mousesports is no walkover. While Karrigan and co. lost 1-2 to NiP, they also won matches versus Fnatic and FaZe Clan. Mousesports has also won the last two matches versus Astralis. Despite Mousesports having won the last two head-to-head matches against Astralis, the new Danish roster (with Glaive) has a significantly higher firepower and much more experience. I am taking Astralis to win this match.

PICK: Astralis, 1.30 @ BetOnBit

Tipster Betslip

omplexity Gaming vs Fnatic
1.0u @ 1.53
Cloud9 vs Triumph
1.0u @ 1.31
Astralis vs Mousesports
1.0u @ 1.30
Potential: 4.14u
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