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Daily DOTA 2 Betting Tips

The DOTA2 Pro Circuit 2021 tournament is starting to gain some momentum with several games coming up in China. With a mix of teams entered, and those teams with different runs of form, there are some interesting matchups from a betting perspective.

Phoenix Gaming vs Royal Never Give Up

This game is intriguing as the odds have Royal Never Give Up floating around the +1.11 mark while Phoenix Gaming is around +6.20. That is a huge difference, so we need to check out why that’s the case.

The problem is Phoenix Gaming have lost three of their last five, and even the other two games were cancelled. In contrast, Royal Never Give Up do hang on in there with two wins, two losses and a cancellation over the last five games.

Those are the only differences between the two teams as their win rate is close at 57.1% compared to 56.4%. Basically, there’s no difference.

To make matters even harder to predict, the two teams have shared two victories each in their last four games. In other words, there’s no reason why the odds are at two extremes.

Team Aster vs Dalanjing Gaming

This is another game where the odds are heavily for one team over the other. Team Aster is currently available around +1.10 compared to +6.50 for Dalanjing Gaming.

These odds are due to major discrepancies in what we know about both teams. Team Aster come with hundreds of games behind them while Dalanjing Gaming are new on the scene with only a handful of games.

Looking at their form, Dalanjing Gaming have won a game while the other was a draw. Team Aster is on a bit of a better run with three wins, a loss, and a cancellation in their last five games.

Their win rate is also quite close, but then you have to look at the number of matches to see that Team Aster have performed better over a longer period of time. It’s thanks to that experience they are installed as the favorites.

Sparking Arrow Gaming vs LBZS

The final match we are looking at is Sparking Arrow Gaming vs LBZS, and this one is a bit harder to call when you look at the odds. Right now, Sparking Arrow Gaming is sitting around +2.50 while LBZS is the slight favorite with odds around +1.45.

The difficult part is both teams have an identical win/loss rate over their previous five games. Both lost the first three games followed up by two victories in the last two.

The win rate is slightly in favor of LBZS at 57.9% compared to 51.1%, but Sparking Arrow Gaming has played significantly more matches. That is the only point where these two teams differ, and it explains why LBZS has the lead when it comes to the odds on the match.

These are only three games from a growing number starting to take place around the world as the 2021 competitions kick off. Keep up to date on the latest tips and who is likely to make moves in the various leagues and tournaments.

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