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DOTA 2 Daily Betting Tips – Thursday

Dota 2 OGA Dota Pit

OGA Dota Pit EU/CIS day 1 was a blast. We saw a few surprises. First semifinal pairs are known, as well as lower bracket teams. Day 2 is bringing us 4 new epic matches. 2 in upper bracket, 2 in lower bracket. Let’s try to analyze day 2 picks and 2 most interesting matches of the day.

MATCH: Team Secret vs Natus Vincere

Date: Thursday, September 24th @ 13:00 CEST

Seems like FlyToMoon guys needed something like this. New organization boosted their confidence, and they are already showing amazing Dota 2 games under the Natus Vincere banners. Their first match in a new organization and in a new tournament went perfectly. They’ve beaten favourite Team Nigma with a clean 2-0. Pretty impressive result and most probably the biggest upset of the day 1. Nigma were heavy favourites in that match, but V-Tune and his crew did it.

They are surely one of the most promising squads in Europe. After two 0-2 defeats in their previous matches, NaVi came back to defeat the 2nd best team in Europe right now. Nigma was outplayed in all aspects of the game. On the other side, Secret almost shocked us all with their loss against the mixed VP.Prodigy squad. After game 1, they were down 1 map, but they managed to pull it off to win the match with 2-1. It was not easy for them however. 

Secret vs NaVi match can be a double edged sword regarding betting. Obviously Team Secret are massive favourites as the best team in Europe right now, but I wonder if NaVi could crush Nigma like that, can they pull off a map vs Secret? It’s possible. Team Secret to win this match is a safe bet here if you can find the good odds.

PICK: Team Secret ML, 1.15 @ BetOnBit

MATCH: Team Nigma vs VP.Prodigy

Date: Thursday, September 24th @ 19:00 CEST

Team Nigma were the champions of OGA Dota Pit Season 2. Now they are defending their title. Their day 1 was horrific as they didn’t open their tournament run as they’d expected, or more, as we all expected. 0-2 vs Natus Vincere brought them to the edge of an elimination. Now, they need to fight vs solid VP.Prodigy for the sport in the next round of lower bracket. They are living on the edge from now one. So strange to see such a strong team in this situation.

Why do I say solid VP.Prodigy? Because they showed some surprisingly sick plays vs Team Secret on day 1. They’ve managed to take map 1 off Secret, and they were really dangerous on the next 2 maps. I’m giving them even more credits, since they are playing with 2 standin players. They are missing fn and eine from their starting lineup. Let’s not forget that Nigma is playing with one standin too, on position 5. Their coach instead of captain Kuroky. That may be a significant factor, but they’ve done good in their previous tournaments with that lineup.

All that stuff aside, I do think Nigma with this lineup and players has more quality within their lines and they should be able to take down VP.Prodigy with 2 standins. Even if VP.Prodigy showed some amazing plays vs Secret, I don’t think that they can repeat that performance vs Nigma. Nigma’s players are too smart, and they will learn from their mistakes from day 1 and they will prepare themselves better for this upcoming match for sure. I’m positive that Nigma can win this match, odds are decent for a nice ML bet.

PICK: Team Nigma ML, 1.50 @ BetOnBit

Tipster Betslip

Team Secret vs Natus Vincere
Team Secret ML
1.0u @ 1.15
Team Nigma vs VP.Prodigy
Team Nigma ML
1.0u @ 1.50
Returned: 1.15u
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