League of Legends by Tom Wade November 02, 2019 1.76K

Worlds 2019: Semifinals – Invictus Gaming Vs. FunPlus Phoenix

In an almost mirror situation of the play-ins playoffs of Unicorns of Love and Splyce, we are treated to a rare sight; two LPL representatives facing off in a chance to represent their region in the finals against either G2 or SKT.

Both Invictus Gaming and FunPlus Phoenix have a rocky history of making it to this point, with FunPlus Phoenix being the newer kid on the block, and Invictus Gaming seeming to play catch up.

Invictus Gaming are slated to win this series by a fair margin, even though they are a lower seeded representative. With this in mind, the odds will be much closer than other series and our picks will reflect that stature. Here are our picks for the upcoming matchup between Invictus Gaming and FunPlus Phoenix in the League of Legends Worlds 2019 Semi-finals matchup.

All odds provided by GG.Bet and correct at time of publishing.


Head to Head

In a battle of who will represent the LPL in the finals, this match will be one for the ages.

Both Invictus Gaming and FunPlus Phoenix have had historic runs through the LPL ages, with Invictus Gaming being the older of the two. IG have had a background in being main stage contenders, but FPX have definitely shown some interesting surprises in their two years as an organization.

Although the odds are heavily weighted in IG’s favor, this is one series where many can see FPX taking the overall win. As FPX are the higher seed coming out of the LPL season, they looked fairly strong in their 3-1 victory over Fnatic.

IG dispatched what was arguably one of the strongest opponents in the tournament, GRIFFIN of the LCK, in a 3-1 series as well. As they did it with such ease, many have IG as the favorites to win. However, with the history of playing against each other in the LPL already, this would be one series that betting on the underdog may be a net win.

Our Pick: FunPlus Phoenix (2.26)


Series Game Spreads

With us having bet on the underdog straight from the start, it can only get more interesting from here on out. With total maps being played, we would assume that both LPL teams will push each other to the limit, forcing a game 5. As such, we can expect a full 5 game series, making for interesting bets throughout.

Total Maps: Over 4.5 (2.75)


A map handicap for either team may not be the best, as both are massive powerhouses from the LPL. However, committing on the map score may be simpler. We would push for FPX to win in a 3-2 series, having IG fall to the first seed.

Correct Map Score: FPX 3-2 (5.35)


Outlier Bets

As both teams are renowned for their aggression almost to a fault, it can be difficult to predict who will be taking first blood and first objective. However, IG have a bit more to prove, having come through the entire gauntlet of the LPL regional qualifiers.

Look towards JackeyLove, Ning, and Rookie of IG to be attempting to take the initiative on FPX. JackeyLove, who recently came off some bad press due to a solo queue game, will be looking to redeem himself on stage.

Looking towards the duo of doinb and Tian to make a pass at collecting first blood on Rookie in an attempt to shut down a primary lane of pressure. With doinb on more control-oriented champions, there is real threat to be had of a focus through mid.

First Blood: FPX (1.9)

First Baron: Invictus Gaming (1.77)


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